Make Your Materials Stand Out & Extra Sharp

Die Cut Printing

Senthur Printers offers customized Die-cutting for your printing materials a unique way by creating interesting shapes, holes, flaps, contours, etc. for enhancing the visual appeal and attracting attention of your printing materials.

If you have a project that requires printing and die-cutting, or would like to learn more about the distinctive appearance and effectiveness of die-cut printing, we at Senthur Printers look forward to assisting you with your printing and die-cutting needs.

Advantages of Die Cut Printing

  • Unique shapes help elevate your project
  • Increases brand visibility and awareness
  • Helps establish brand voice and style
Make your piece stand out from the crowd

Shapes of Die Cut Printing

Die Cut printing is a sure way to make your printing stand out. It will help to take your print design into the next level

  • Die Cut Business Cards
  • Custom Hang Tags
  • Die Cut Postcards
  • Die Cut Roll Labels
  • Die Cut Wall Decals
  • Die Cut Circles
  • Die Cut Stickers
  • Die Cut brochures
  • Cards and card holders
  • Product Packaging
  • Die Cut Tent Signs
  • Die Cut Flyers
  • Die Cut Labels
  • Ballot boxes
  • Die Cut invitations
Work showcase

Recent Projects

Senthur Printers has hundreds of standing dies to offer the clients for cost-effective and adapt to your next design project. Die Cut Printing gets you one step forward your business because they are stand out from the crowd.